Brian W Zelt

PhD, PEng

AERflare FAQ

***ERROR*** & Warning  Messages


This error can occur when the site elevation you entered on the iFACILITY page is drastically different than the terrain (DEM) data you are processing.

  1. When you configure AERflare, on iFACILITY page you must enter the XY utm and the site elevation.
  2. If you are using MELEV=1 (on iSTART page) to adjust the elevation to the DEM data (the AERflare default), the iFACILITY page still requires a first guess.  On the first pass through the terrain contour processing (using “Get DEM data”) the processing uses the first guess.  The elevation on the iFACILITY page is updated to the DEM data but the contouring was performed using the first guess.  Therefore, the terrain processing should be repeated so that the contours are based upon the proper elevation.
  3. If the first guess is absurd with respect to the DEM, then the contouring results in a processing error nREAL=0.  This typically occurs if you entered a site elevation higher than all of the dem data.  In this case, go back to iFACILITY and enter a low value then reprocess using the new first guess.  The result should be an updated site elevation on iFACILITY, then you can proceed to do a final terrain processing.



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